Our Approach to Public Relations


The world of PR has changed dramatically in the last few years.

The media landscape is completely fragmented. The explosion of social media has enabled brands to talk directly to customers. And people no longer wait for information to find them. They're out using search engines to get their answers.

Go Public provides a mix of earned, owned and paid media strategies to reach your core audiences. You can't focus on one channel and hope the rest will follow. They need to work in concert. Seen this way, the explosion of new channels of communication presents a huge opportunity, provided you approach them in the proper manner.

We're not a traditional PR firm


Although we may be small, we have big goals.

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We want to show the world that PR can be more efficient, effective, and scalable than ever before.

To do this, we ask ourselves a simple question: If the PR industry never existed, how would we invent it today?